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Tulips & Tea

Hello! Today I bring you more new cards to keep last weeks selection company. Four new designs in two weeks, whose impressed by my productivity!?

As I explained in my Constant Contact email announcement this morning (shameless reminder to join my mailing list), both cards are inspired by traditions I share with my mom – a theme I thought was appropriate for two cards so well suited to Mother’s Day!

I call this one Prized Tulips and…

This one is Chamomile.

Both are available for personalization in the Shop section of the website, so mosey on over but mosey at a reasonable pace so that you have your mom’s new stationery ready in time for May 8th!

10 Responses to “Tulips & Tea”

  • I love the new cards!! But I seem to have more stationary than excuses to use stationary. Any suggestions?

  • @Kaitlyn-
    My grandmother is essentially deaf now so instead of calling her I send short notes or postcards every week or so to let her know what I’m doing and that I’m thinking about her.
    I also send notes when friends have moved into a new place, it’s nice to get mail with your new address on it and it not be a bill.

  • Linda Wyatt says: April 26, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    I love the tribute the tulips and tea are to your mom – how very special…Mary Rad has a diminutive collection of little tea sets that I have always adored. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with so many. Good luck in New York with the show!!

  • Tell me about it Kaitlyn! I need more reasons to write people, and not just anyone, people that would really appreciate such gorgeous notecards. I’m very picky with who I send them to!

    I love these. The teacups are darling and makes me think of teatime and the Royal Wedding!

    • totally the royal wedding – good call! i didn’t think of that. if i’d had these ready sooner i would have had to plan a royal wedding party just to have an excuse to send out these as invites.

  • Hello from Spain. I love these cards (and all your work). Sometimes, when I see a card or print I love, I just write down parts of my favourite songs o a simple word (for example “calm” for the teacups) on them and put them together in the wall making a collage.

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