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girlfriends, i need your help

Hello friends. Let’s gossip over coffee. We can talk about our feelings and dreams and about how justified we were for throwing that fit/buying that bag/judging that engagement ring. I’ll convince you to quit your job and you can convince me to go on a juice cleanse with you.

Ok, well we won’t really be together. And there may not be coffee. I will be here, inside my computer and you will be there, inside your computer.

But I do want to have a conversation with you. Because I trust your judgement and love your taste!

I’m working on working smarter this year. And I need your help to do it.

The paper industry is changing rapidly and I need to adjust accordingly. I am going to produce a smaller line of card designs in 2013. Just the cards you need to get through a year full of special occasions and nothing that will lie in the bottom of your desk drawer.

I have a vision of a complete boxed set of my cards that will contain a mother’s day card, a thank you note, a birthday card etc… all the essentials to help the modern woman never come up empty handed on those rare few remaining occasions when we still reach for pen and paper.

I want to only produce the cards you all really really want to see. So tell me what you want to see! So far I have ideas for valentines day, birthday, mother’s day, thank you, bride, pregnancy.

What do you think? Are there other occasions you wished you had a card for? Or less occasions? Do you like seeing my girls on the cards? Or patterns/objects? Do you like text with the artwork?

Comment and help me plan!  You are the wind beneath my wings!

ps. buy a print

54 Responses to “girlfriends, i need your help”

  • I would love to see congrats on your new job-type cards – and of course, the perfect thank you card to have on hand at all times!

  • feel better cards always are needed :) and “just because” cards are cute for those bffs you have that live far away.

  • Fathers day card?

  • I love seeing your girls on the cards– please don’t do away with them! Also, I’d love to see a card for a “Good luck” for a female graduate or young career woman. xo.
    P.S. I adore my blonde + brunette print and 2013 calendar!

  • agree on the “just because” cards – those are always my go-to when it comes to picking up cards. Additionally, engagement cards or generic Congratulations cards are always nice to have on hand! hugs to you inslee!

  • A couple of Congratulations cards to cheer on our loved ones. Thanks!

  • Would be helpful to have an option with 2 Mother’s Day and 2 Father’s Day cards for married people or those with stepparents.

  • Definitely congratulations (birth, Graduation, job, etc) cards, get well, Christmas/ Hanukkah, “I love you because…” card

  • On a really busy day it is a tad stressful to remember to go out and buy a card, this is a wonderful idea! I have just one request, could you please include an anniversary card? The ones I usually find are too wordy and sometimes less personal. Your girls are always my favorite and inspirational so please include the girls, and maybe pattern/ojects for a chance of variety?

    Kim :)

  • Those are perfct, and the more the better!!! I love giving out cards for everything and I love seeing your girls on the cards but I think more text with the artwork would be great!!

  • Sympathy/Thinking of You, Just a Hello/Miss You, Special ‘just because’ love note for Spouse, Good Luck, Congrats

  • Every girl needs a set of flat cards that can be used for any occasion. Also, I would love to see a girl in the city postcard line from different cities around the world.

  • Jemima Puddle-Duck says: January 15, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    this card should be in the set. so perfect. just noticed the lipstick smudge!!

  • I love this image of the 2 cups – especially the lipstick smear! It would make such a cute friendship card. I still have a few of the girl blowing out birthday candles on a massive cake – I love to have a birthday card on hand.

  • I always like the simple “hello” or “thinking about you” cards. The kind that you can just send for no real reason.

  • Congrats cards…blank cards… THANK YOU cards are always needed…a feel better card… but most of all Birthday Cards. How nice of you to ask us. Love the coffee cups! AND LIPSTICK TOO!! <3

  • What about a sweet “I Miss You” or “Thinking of You”? Those always make the distance between us feel just a little shorter :-)

  • I love sending snail mail, so make sure to have a cute and simple hello type of card. Also, I love sending my sweetie a love letter so make something sweet you could send a man. He loves getting cards in the mail for no reason!

  • I was going to suggest an “I miss you” card as well. I think I would include several “thank you cards” as well as several birthday cards. I love sending Halloween cards too!

  • Great Idea! In my office we are constantly in need of get well and condolence cards

  • Multiple chic birthday cards for those of us with many sisters and girlfriends

  • My always needed cards are: “you can do it”
    Miss You
    Mother’s Day for sure
    Thank You

  • Aside from the birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, congrats cards (baby, engagement, etc.), I agree with “thinking of you” cards. With our busy schedules and moving around, we often times lose touch with our closest friends, and what’s better than sending a beautiful/fun and fashionable reminder that you’re thinking of them. Also, more thank you card options, as well as “girl’s night/party/get together” cards. I also agree with the congrats cards for lady grads. Excellent.

  • This is perfection!!! Love love love. I agree a simple “hello” as well, and I always use your cards when I give a hostess gift, so like a “thanks for having a party” or “thanks for having us” type as well would be wonderful! And yes this sketch needs to be a print or card….perfect for bff’s everywhere!

  • The cards I use most often are, same as many other commenters, the very general sort, “hello,” “just because,” “thanks,” etc. I love seeing pretty text with illustrations, but having a bunch of illusrated cards sans-text would make for a great versatile set- I would use the above print, for instance, as anything from a friendly card to a girlfriend, a thank you card, or even a birthday card. Many of your illustrations offer that much versatility, I think.

  • I would really like something like a “we have to catch up again” card. Probably with another title, but it would be so cool to combine your picture on the top of the post (which is absolutely awesome, by the way) with the wish to catch up with a friend you have long lost.
    I would also think about, and I don’t really know how to handle this and it might be unrealistic to do that, but IF it was possible, you could make an option so that everybody could build up a set of cards depending on how many cards of each sort one would need to have.

  • A very beautiful condolence/sorry for your loss card would be perfect. Everything in the store is so cheesy and just feels wrong in times like that. It could have a wonderfully simple bouquet or something?

  • Your girls should be on all of your cards! And text, you have such beautiful handwriting.

  • Sympathy; Blank All Occasion; Close girlfriend birthday; Hang in there to another mom;

  • Martini time for “getting rid/over him”

  • Thank you notes, birthday cards, sympathy cards, get well cards. And I love your beautiful “girl” designs as well as appropriate illustrations (flowers, landscapes).

  • With a boxed set it’s a hard call to find ones that will meet everyone’s needs which makes it tricky for text. If you do iinclude anniversary & father’s day cards I would make sure they could be generic & not necessarily for a spouse or such…Just food for thought! Regardless your work is always stunning:)

  • This is great! There are so many cards that I need on random occassions and when I can’t find them easily, I just give up! One’s that I would love: get better, bon voyage, congrats on the baby, thank you, happy birthday, valentines (appropriate to give to a guy! ;) ), mothers day, fathers day, sympathy, congrats on the new job. Oh, the possibilities are endless! i can’t wait to see the final box set result!

  • You could have a card for just about anything! Definitely have the usual (Happy Birthday / Valentines / Mothers Day / Father’s Day etc) but I also agree that having something for the following is also extremely useful:

    Congratulations – Engagement / Baby / New Job
    Good Luck
    New Home
    Thinking of You
    Love – something general maybe?
    Just Because – love this idea

    Maybe have a card type that is inspirational. With a quote or something?

    Inslee, you’re designs are always amazing. I think a mixture of the girls and nature and fashion and you can’t go wrong!

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see! I always mean to buy but leave it to when I go to New York and then always forget!!! =(. This year… I WILL!

  • Jemima Puddle-Duck says: January 16, 2013 at 4:53 pm

    i agree with Erisha above that the text could be limiting. The print above could be so versatile as a card…..miss you, congrats [the cups are toasting], get well, let’s have coffee, thanks, etc etc. I think cards that could suit multiple occasions would be great.

  • I think everyone loves the girls! They bring a smile to my face when I see them=0)


  • I love your girls in the cards. And some text looks good also.
    And now a little question i wanted to ask for some time: How do you make that skin colour in the watercolours? I’m kinda new at this and would be really helpfull i had your answer :)

  • I’d LOVE to see a boxed set of blank cards with your girls on them! It seems like there are a million thank you cards out there but few that can be used just to send a note to your BFF who lives far away.

  • I love the girls on the cards and, as another comment stated, it’s hard to remember to go out and buy a card on a crazy day. Or any day for that matter. A boxed set is the perfect remedy. Engagements, weddings, baby showers, new jobs, new/first home are occasions that I would love to see. Of course, the perfect thank you as well.

  • ps: Please consider making a wedding tote! I’ve been a bridesmaid, maid-of-honor and now the bride…and there’s never enough space in my day bag for all of my wedding things! Just a thought ;)

  • First of all, I love that print! Second, I love this idea and cannot wait to buy this boxed set. I would love to see some type of “hello” card. Just something so beautiful that you just have to send it to one of your girlfriends instead of always sending a text or an email. I would also really like to see some text. You have such a great sense of humor that I know you’d come up with some cute sayings.

  • This sounds great! However, I suggest adding a few blank notecards that can be used for any occassion plus the specified occasion cards. I love the girls you draw as well!

  • what about some of your abstract figures that you have in your gallery.. those would makes some neat blank cards for any occasion. I really like how you use to do where you could personalize the stationary with someones name. I also agree with the wedding tote idea. I love the kale toes… any illustrations on those would be great. Also what about illustrating on the envelopes as well??? and what about just doing personalize stationary box sets.. like my name on cards, notes pads… letter heads? just a thought it might not be cost effective that way but i would deff. pay for something like that.

  • this is amazing work! such professionalism! talent!

  • love, love, love your girls and find they visually say a 1000 words! so would 100% agree with Erisha’s comment on Jan 15…
    “having a bunch of illustrated cards sans-text would make for a great versatile set”…
    then having the option to choose + add own words would be most welcome :)
    PS a boxed set to correspond with illustrations on calendars would be fabulous ;)

  • I wish there was a just an everyday card…a card to remind that even though everyday is/cannot be special…you are special every day :)

  • This idea is BRILLS! I would absolutely be interesting in purchasing this set – especially if it’s got everyday cards as well as special occasions. Your drawings are GORG and would be perfect for this! :)
    Nikki at

  • I love the girls – you should keep them for sure! Also, I think the general girlie design – like the image of the coffee cups at the top of this page are cute! Other card ideas are “thank you/Merci” – you could also do break out birthday – one for a friend, and one for mother/mother in law. Same with Valentine – one for your Valentine and one for a friend. I like the girls over patterns!

  • Inslee, I just found your website (yes, I’m always the last person to find out about something awesome) and I design (i.a.) greeting cards. While I’m happy with each sale I make, it also saddens me to realize why people bought the cards. The reason: my two all time bestselling cards are a ‘sorry for your loss´ card and the other is a card for children who suffer from cancer. I do agree that nothing beats a handwritten message, but if my design helps people to express their feelings when they’re lost for words, it’s a good thing, don’t you think?

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