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You all are the best friends a girl could ask for. Look how many of you came to my rescue with amazing input about my last post. I am brimming over with appreciation and love for you all. Thank you!

I am so intrigued by your responses, this is so helpful. I had no idea how many people are in the market for a sympathy card. No idea! Really? Sympathy cards?

In my experience, when I’ve really needed sympathy, nothing would have been more painful than a greeting card.

My advice is this. If you are looking for the “right” card to say sorry for your loss, find a clean, simple and respectfully unadorned sheet of correspondence stationery and tell the person how much you love and support them. Get so involved in writing the note that you start crying. Now that’s a true act of showing sympathy. No decorative card could hold the same weight.

There. Now that I’ve unleashed my holier-than-thou opinion on sympathy cards, let’s move on and continue being BFFS.

You all are incredible! Thank you for all your thoughtful responses. It was so uplifting and encouraging to hear how many of you really do still believe in the importance of the handwritten note. I am so energized by your feedback!

And I am definitely going to start writing text for my cards! It’s terrifying and I’m afraid you all will hate my sense of humor but hey, I’ve seen enough motivational pinterest slogans to know that I will only live once and a year from now I will have wished I started now. So here we go!

Love you guys!!! Should we start more question and response themed blog posts? I love your comments so very much. This woman-to-woman sharing is so awesome. This must be what being Oprah feels like.


9 Responses to “THANK YOU”

  • this thank you would be a great on a card hahaha -

  • Jemima Puddle-Duck says: January 18, 2013 at 5:03 am

    Congratulations as you begin Year #3 of Sketch Book. Happy Anniversary!

  • Agreed on the sympathy card! So excited for you, these are going to sell like hot cakes! And I love your humor! :)

  • Inslee,

    It was so nice to meet you at Rad’s party this weekend. I just read your previous post along with this one. The box set is brilliant. I have often thought that I am the only one who keeps snail mail aka the post office in business. It is nice to know I am not alone. A few thoughts:

    -Agree about nixing a sympathy greeting card.
    -Engagement card. Not a formal one for the couple but the kind you want to send to a best friend right when you find out, “congrats on your new bling” or something along those lines.
    -Use the “thank you” sketch above! You can never have too many thank you cards.
    -”Just because” or “hi” message to friends or a mom/aunt/grandmother that live far away, with girls on the front of course!

  • This post completely made me giggle!! =) though you’re absolutely right re Sympathy! You do see a lot of these on the shelves at Card stores though…at least in the UK anyway.

    Looking forward to more interactive blog posts, female to female bonding, and more Inslee humour! =) xRachel

  • Love that you are doing this! I can’t wait to see the finished products! Much love.

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