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2014 Calendar is here!

Here she is! The 2014 Calendar! Just chillin on my Society Social Bar Cart

Can’t wait for you all to see each month! I had so much fun creating this edition of my calendar. I put a lot of thought into each illustration, trying to capture the feeling that each month holds, infused with the memories and experience… The saturated stillness of July heat, the frenzy of a new September, the romance of a February night, the perky energy of April… I could go on.

I will look forward to sharing my inspiration for each image with you as we move through the year. Don’t you want one now? Can you hardly wait to embark on this book-club-calendar journey with me here on the blog? It will be so enriching! Hurry and buy one!

5 Responses to “2014 Calendar is here!”

  • Hooray! Can’t wait to see! I can’t believe I have been buying this calendar since 2009!

  • Absolutely stunning!! Can’t wait to order mine :)

  • …… but to pay 50 dollars shippingcosts to the Netherlands, that more than double the price of a small calender! I am a fan of your drawings, I really am and would love to order your calender, but somewhere I have to draw the line!

    • So sorry the fee to ship outweighs the product itself! If you’re ever in the states let me know and I’ll be sure to ship to you locally!

  • Jemima Puddle-Duck says: August 1, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    so proud of My Girl. This is a banner year and so lovely and shows all your months of thought, inspiration and effort. Congrats! And Welcome Society Social!! xxo

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