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back to school

I know, I know I know. How cute is she?! This was a recent commission for Megan, a Georgetown student.

Doesn’t it just make you want to crack open a new package of flash cards? Back in my day, we walked barefoot, up hill to school, both ways. We also hand-wrote our notes and made our art history flashcards by printing out images and glueing them on little paper cards. This has probably been replaced by some sort of iPad flashcard app. Don’t even tell me about it. The memory is too beautiful, I don’t want to taint it with modern advancements. Let me tell you, I LOVED flashcards. Loved them.

I’ve been pining away for the excitement and energy of a fall on campus a lot lately. My summer intern is preparing to head down to Sewanee in a few weeks to start the most magical journey of her young life – freshman year. Not only am I depressed she’s leaving me, but I’m green with envy every time we discuss what her new bedding will look like (obviously monogrammed, aqua scalloped edges) and whether she or her roommate will bring the mini fridge. I’ve literally begged her to take me with her! Youth really is wasted on the young. (Can you say things like this at 27?)

Sigh… at least I’ll get a little bit of college in at my five year W&L reunion this fall!

3 Responses to “back to school”

  • (Can you say things like this at 27?)

    Yes, yes you can. AbsoLuteLy.

  • I loved my flashcards too! Looking back I wish I had kept some from each subject. Specially those organic chemistry ones, they’re the closest thing I got to ‘crafty’ those two semesters!

    PS. I still go back to school shopping.

  • Love this! I wish I looked this cute in school. A new school year was always so promising. I always told myself “this was the year I’d really apply myself.” (ha, ha) but man, flash cards really saved me!

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