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An Impossible Story, The End

In the end, the steroids in my spine took action, giving me a new lease on life and the spinal agility of a girl of 25 again. Our move went off without a hitch. By the end of moving day, … Continue reading

An Impossible Story, Chapter 6

Before I go any farther, I must pause to say that I realize how very lucky I am to call this story an impossible one. I know that truly impossible situations exist all around us, far worse than mine. And … Continue reading

An Impossible Story, Chapter 5

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home… as long as home happens to be in Nolita. So. When I left you, things were looking up. We were walking on the sunny side of the street. The bedbugs … Continue reading

An Impossible Story, Chapter 4

Chapter 4 is brought to you by the month of July. Don’t forget there’s still time to get the 2014 calendar and enjoy it for half the year at half the price! As you will recall, from Chapter 3, The … Continue reading

An Impossible Story, Chapter 3

I realize I owe you a story about my mother. But first, it is important that I introduce another character in this impossible story. The PackTite Unit… Morning came, and with it an exterminator named Dante who was toting something … Continue reading

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