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Easter Bonnets

Have a happy weekend in your Easter Bonnets, everyone!!

City Child

How cute is this little munchkin wearing Oscar de la Renta? So… with my wedding mere weeks away I keep getting asked “are you going to stay in NYC after you’re married?” and “are you going to have children in … Continue reading

Update from the front lines of wedding shoe shopping

I come to you with a report from the front lines of the war against 5 inch heeled wedding shoes. I stand before you victorious. I know you all have been on pins and needles, waiting for this report. But, … Continue reading

Puppies and flowers and scallops, oh my! It must be April!

Happy April! Time to tend to spring flowers and run through spring showers and shop shop shop for spring clothes galore!

Escaping part 2

Goodmorning! So, on Tuesday I posted about escaping to an imagined town on the Riviera in the hopes of escaping the cold and willing spring to come faster and guess what… the forecasted snow that we were supposed to wake … Continue reading

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