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An Impossible Story, Chapter 1

Are you ready for chapter 1? remember as you read the coming posts, i warned you, this story is shocking at times, you may be tempted to think “this can’t be real” but my friend, it is very very real… … Continue reading

An Impossible Story, Preface

Why is this man sleeping partially on a chair, partially on a Threshold for Target tufted bench?… You know those people? The ones you see once a year or once every six months, by chance, passing on the street? Their … Continue reading

Save The Date for George & Kate

As I officially pass the Bridal Baton on to every other girl who has yet to walk down the aisle, I’d like to turn your attention to one of my recent Save-The-Date commissions and remind you all that I am … Continue reading

Meet June

Hello! Meet June, she’s going to make a mango and avocado salad with a lime vinaigrette later today and her entire wardrobe is comprised of white and varying shades of nautical blues. And yes – I am back! Married, moved … Continue reading

Out Of Office

Please enjoy this sweet little scene of a perfect spring day in NYC while I excuse myself for a casual TWO WEEKS to get married and go to Corsica! Consider this my official Out-Of-Office notice, I am signing out and … Continue reading

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