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Julia, bridal portrait

I love bridal portraits. Have I mentioned this lately? Love them. This one was one of my recent favorites. Congratulations Julia, I hope the day was as beautiful as you are!

2014 Calendar + Piperlime OMGifts

How fun is this!? Piperlime has launched a new holiday product called the OMGift. It’s a carefully curated, wrapped box filled with amazing little gifts and my 2014 calendar is one of them!

It’s like a birchbox for giving presents, genius right? There’s one for the hostess, for the office pal and for your BFF. And while my calendar is obviously the perfect gift for these three (and all other) categories, you can find it in the Office Pal box.

What do you say, pretty neat right? It’s just another example of what having zero PR can get you. Just keep working hard, doing what you love and a brief ten years later, one of your products will be included in a small group of products featured on a nationally acclaimed shopping site for a limited time only. Total fairytale rise to stardom, I know. I’m blowing up right now… ┬áPeople often say things to me like “you are blowing up right now” and I always chuckle inside because if someone from the past heard that, they’d go hide behind something to avoid the impending explosion.

I’m also chuckling because, “blowing up right now” is such an exaggeration. Blowing up is what Skinny Girl Margaritas did. Blowing up is One Direction, Silly Bands and SPANX tights. What I’m doing is really slowly heating to a nice rolling simmer over the course of a decade of hard work and a lifetime of sketching on scrap paper. It’s not exactly a Harvard Business School case study, but it’s a success I can be proud of.

So here’s to this latest milestone – thank you, Piperlime for this fun feature!

Live Illustration – Elizabeth Arden Holiday Showcase

Last night I had the pleasure of live-illustrating at the Elizabeth Arden Holiday Showcase to help them celebrate the launch of their newest fragrance, UNTOLD.

Guests at the event sampled and compared the new fragrance with the original Red Door. The new scent has a modern, youthful feel, reminiscent of downtown New York City living while the Red Door classic scent makes you think of uptown NYC.

Each guest got to choose their style inspired by these fragrances – uptown or downtown – and then I illustrated each into a scene that captured a little bit of their style and their favorite part of NYC.

As you can see, I was pretty proud of how they turned out. The Elizabeth Arden team caught me instagramming my work!

much like my would-be time in a marathon, this post is a little late

I realize the NYC marathon is old news now. It’s practically too late to post about Thanksgiving. I should be preparing my top 10 favorite spring trends.

But, better late than never! This perky little lady was commissioned by the fabulous and famous-getting-famouser designer, Katie Schloss of Three Jane NYC. Katie’s map necklaces are popping up all over the place on celebrity necks. I’m so honored to be her official illustrator! She asked me to create a “map girl” to represent how this necklace would be a great gift for a marathon runner. What a perfect way to keep that special city you ran in forever close to your heart.

Did you like my post title? Really though, sometimes I wonder to myself what my time would be in a marathon. And once I finish crying uncontrollably, I decide I will never run a marathon. The hospital bill after the race would not be worth it. To all you runners out there, I salute you. You are amazing. Buy a map necklace!


Time to flip the calendar to November. I can’t believe how fast 2013 flew by!

I love this November girl. I think she looks wistful. Or challenging. Maybe both. Isn’t that what November is all about? The tension between darkness and light. The clocks set back but the christmas bulbs fire up in anticipation of December. This month is always a little melancholy as the year winds down, but with an undercurrent of frenzy as we approach the craziest month of the year.

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