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Loren Hope illustrated

If you follow me on instagram then you already know about my love affair with Loren Hope jewelry. Not only is she an inspiring fellow female entrepreneur and a wonderful friend, but her designs are my very favorite costume jewelry and my go-to pieces when I am dressing up.

Loren asked me to sketch pieces from her newest collection and some of her iconic pieces too. Her new fall/winter collection is inspired by the beauty of the galaxy and all things celestial, with a very moving story behind this cosmic design asthetic honoring her loved ones. Read about it in her new lookbook!

Loren and I are working on turning this collaboration into stationery for her. This kind of project reminds me why I love my job. Partnering with true talent makes your own light shine a little bit brighter, don’t you think?

season of change

This morning I woke up feeling like I’d been set free. This may or may not be because I finally summoned the courage to quit my Equinox membership. Saving future child’s college education fund in the process. But, more importantly, I felt free artistically. I’ve been feeling trapped and anxious about my career and my art for a few months now. Like I’ve lost touch with why I illustrate the way that I do. Commission work keeps flooding in, keeping me busy and focused on making progress, but blocking out my personal creativity almost entirely. This little voice in my head has been whispering to me to try something different, but another voice snapped right back that I might not be good at something different. This voice battle has been tormenting me all summer. But this morning, finally, the adventurous voice won out and something felt different.

I took a different route to work, stopped in a brand new coffee shop and when I got to the studio, I sat down and sketched this pencil drawing. It was very liberating! And even more liberating to post it here, baring my crude portraiture skills for you to see, realizing I don’t have anything to lose by changing pace once in a while.

Which leads me to another change I want to share.


It has changed my life. Have you all ever tried it? I mean, it is the primary reason why I had to quit my gym membership (you have to pay for each lash in gold bars) But, so worth it.

I lay on a table for two hours, TWO HOURS, think how many commissions I could have gotten done in that time… and when I sat up, my eyelash professional had affixed hundreds of perfectly placed individual lash bouquets into my natural eyelash line making me the most radiant version of myself I have ever known.

If you’re considering an adventure in beauty enhancement, I wholeheartedly endorse the lash weave… as well as taking a different route to work one in a while. It’s a new season, full of possibility, both for my eyelashes and for the art I want to make.


Time to change the calendar again! And this month is brought to you by my love of J.Crew!

October girl is so fall cozy with her layered fall patterns and textures and obedient doxie, I need to catch up with her. I’m still in my warm weather wardrobe – trying to wear the darkest colored of my summer clothes for a little longer. Maybe this weekend I’ll take the plunge.

September Social

Pop the champagne, it’s time to toast the new season!

This fall I launch my 2014 calendar, marking almost ten years of Inslee Calendars! And this fall, we have the addition of a new studio mate here at the NYC headquarters… Roxy Owens, the designer and genius behind Society Social. So now, I have the honor of sharing the space with my favorite PR firm, Goodworks PR and Roxy too!

In honor of the arrival of both 12 new months of illustrations and one new fabulous co-worker,  my lovely studio mates and I are hosting a little September Social this evening in our space!

This is the invitation illustration I designed. Ok, now time to run call the caterer and arrange some flowers. Wish us luck! I’ll post pictures next week from the event.

Eva Chen

Say Happy Birthday (a day late) to Eva, the fabulous editor of Lucky Magazine

I created this sketch in collaboration with Jouer Cosmetics as a gift for her. It was such fun for me to sketch someone I find inspiring and stylish. When the Jouer girls suggested that I illustrate her, I barely let them finish the sentence. Of course I wanted to illustrate her! Her instagrams are so good, her accessories are so good, her magazine is so good. What’s not to love!?

HBD, Eva, I hope it was… so good.

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