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Ashley’s Bridal Party

Here’s a bevy of bridesmaid beauties to start this Friday! W&L alumni, you may see some familiar faces here! What do you think, have I been a bridesmaid machine lately or what?

wedding dress shopping

disclaimer: this is most definitely not a sketch of my wedding dress so don’t get too excited!

So… I’ve been trying on wedding gowns since April, stalking wedding gown designers websites since I learned how to work the internet, and thinking about wedding gowns since my birth in 1986, so this is a very big announcement for me to make:

Yesterday, at approximately 11 am, August 16th, a sunny Friday afternoon in Flatiron, the quest finally ended in victory. I found my dress!

A day that shall live on forever in elation! I think I will mark this anniversary as heavily as my birthday or Christmas. It was a big deal.

My friends and family can attest to this – I change clothes at least 5 times every time I do anything. Getting dressed is a big decision every day of the year. My process involves multiple, quickly evolving wardrobe switches, usually ending just moments before I am finally dragged out the door to the event (that I am now late to).

So, it only was fitting that in order for me to find my wedding gown – arguably the most important sartorial decision of my life – I needed to try on roughly 400 times the number of outfits I try on for a regular event.

I sound awful, don’t I?

But it is the truth, finding a wedding dress was my personal quest for the holy grail. I must have tried on close to 100 dresses. I’m not kidding. It is kind of embarrassing. But like I said, I do not take getting dressed lightly.

But boy was it worth it! The moment that final dress zipped up and I saw my reflection and knew I was done, the universe shifted slightly on it’s axis, the grinch’s heart grew 5 more sizes and I’m fairly certain we got a step closer to world peace. A woman walked passed the bridal department and remarked that she’d never seen a bride jumping up and down in her wedding dress, in unison with her mother before. It’s a pity we don’t have a video of that…

have a simply luxurious weekend

Don’t you wish you were her? She’s a new sketch for Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life to help celebrate her new section on her blog about french-inspired living. Shannon has the best taste, her commission requests are always so chic and this one was no different. You should all visit her blog, beautiful images and a beautiful approach to a simple, luxurious life.

Also – notice this new favorite pose for figures in this blog post and the one right before it. I call this pose the “I’m walking one direction but looking adorably slightly confused in another direction because a group of italian men just shouted Ciao Bella! at me”

back to school

I know, I know I know. How cute is she?! This was a recent commission for Megan, a Georgetown student.

Doesn’t it just make you want to crack open a new package of flash cards? Back in my day, we walked barefoot, up hill to school, both ways. We also hand-wrote our notes and made our art history flashcards by printing out images and glueing them on little paper cards. This has probably been replaced by some sort of iPad flashcard app. Don’t even tell me about it. The memory is too beautiful, I don’t want to taint it with modern advancements. Let me tell you, I LOVED flashcards. Loved them.

I’ve been pining away for the excitement and energy of a fall on campus a lot lately. My summer intern is preparing to head down to Sewanee in a few weeks to start the most magical journey of her young life – freshman year. Not only am I depressed she’s leaving me, but I’m green with envy every time we discuss what her new bedding will look like (obviously monogrammed, aqua scalloped edges) and whether she or her roommate will bring the mini fridge. I’ve literally begged her to take me with her! Youth really is wasted on the young. (Can you say things like this at 27?)

Sigh… at least I’ll get a little bit of college in at my five year W&L reunion this fall!


Happy August – a day late! Time to hop on that rusty old beach bike and head into town for some fresh cut sunflowers and soak up what’s left of summer this weekend.

August for me is always a time of scrambling to squeeze in as much lemonade and sunshine and white shorts as I possibly can before “school” starts. And by school, I mean, the universal mindset that life starts over again in September.

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