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How fierce is this girl? I was going for mysterious and sultry, but she turned out kind of seething with anger by accident. I was thinking she might be a 2014 calendar girl… but felt like her aggressive eye contact might have been a bit much for a whole 30 days.

You see, as I was sketching her I was listening to an NPR review of Kanye’s new (and I might add, overly aggressive) album. So basically, I blame this illustration’s personality on Kanye and his issues. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good musical rant as much as the next person under the right circumstances and I respect anyone who can come up with a stranger baby name than Inslee (North definitely out-does Inslee). But… his vibe is all wrong for my ladies.

Bet you never thought I’d write a blog post about Kanye West, did you? Me either!

On that note, I wish you all a glorious weekend – and one hopefully not too filled with kayne-angst… kanyangst. New word!

roman memory sketch goes to college


Omg! I’m so excited to see this picture on the Washington & Lee website of a girl hanging her Roman Memory print in her dorm room…

A friend of mine just happened to stumble upon it while browsing the site. How wonderful is that?! My sketch gets to go back to my alma mater. What a glorious endorsement from the world of bright young freshman. I remember how important it was that I select just the right things for the coveted space on my dorm walls when I arrived at w&l, so knowing that Roman Memory made the cut for this girl’s room is quite a feather in her cap

bring on the bridesmaids

Another batch of bridesmaids! I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d been busy with bridal commissions this season…

Congratulations to Jane Andrews, the lovely bride who commissioned these gifts for her maids, on a beautiful wedding this past weekend!

the bride arrived by vespa

I’m back!

Italy was wonderful. The cheese was ooozing, wine was flowing, the ocean was glittering, and everyone everywhere was gesticulating. It was just as I hoped it would be. America feels so big and overly clean by comparison.

And the wedding was truly an Italian affair. The bride and two her sisters arrived in a bright blue vespa cart that zipped them up the winding cliffside road to the ceremony site which was perched in a sunlight-dappled olive tree grove with a breathtakingly sweeping view of the Mediterranean (very) far below.

The day after the wedding was just as spectacular, the celebration lived on as the town of Recco launched it’s annual 20 hour long explosion extravaganza culminating in three massive, gorgeously glittering fireworks displays after dark which we watched from atop a cliff overlooking the town in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. It was unforgettable. The wind and rain coming from every direction, the light and the noise of the fireworks blooming around us on our perch high on the mountain, and the newlyweds laughing in the rain, their new rings glinting in the light of the explosions.

Coming back to the hustle and bustle of New York mid-fashion week was a shock to the system after this trip. I still can hear the fireworks and taste the gelato!

Celebrare il loro matrimonio…

Buongiorno principessa!

This week I will be exploring this beautiful little town with my mom (illustrated above in this wedding invitation design). We will be in Recco, Italy to celebrate the wedding of a wonderful friend, Chiara to her soon-to-be wonderful new husband, Marco.

Recco is an important part of Chiara’s family history. I’ve been hearing about how beautiful it is all my life, as each summer her family return from their annual trip to tell us all about it. I’ve been waiting for decades to see this special place and can’t wait to finally be there and see if my illustration does this amazing view justice.

Life is good, isn’t it? But, you know what might not be so good? My ability to keep up with email correspondence this week. Hang in there everyone, I’ll try to get to all of you as soon as I am back next week!

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