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In case you all missed this instagram, I thought I’d repost it here because I am oh-so excited to share this news with you all!

SHOPBOP – one of my very favorite, go-to places for online shopping is now carrying a curated selection of brand new mixed boxes of my cards. I’m talking brand spankin new. Like you can’t even shop some of these sets on THIS site.

Woah. Right?

Be sure to visit their site to see. They’re fun and different and of course, very fashion-forward featuring lots of my most popular girls.

Happy Shopping!

the almighty cronut

Have you heard of the cronut? I won’t ask if you’ve tasted one, because apparently this is the pastry equivalent of asking if you regularly dine at the French Laundry. Apparently the bakery that coined the donut/croissant hybrid is right around the corner from my studio and apparently the lines to taste this “frankenpastry” are very long and start very early in the morning. People will get excited over anything, won’t they?

I personally am opposed. Granted, I haven’t tried one so maybe I’d change my tune after eating one. But, from a purely analytical perspective, it’s offensive in the way that snuggies are offensive. Think about it – the snuggie came from the marriage of two perfectly tasteful parents. Just like the donut and the croissant, the sweater and the throw blanket were complete in their own right. Both respectively an important part of a well-appointed home, but their progressive offspring, the snuggie, is the laughingstock of the lounge wear community.

This morning as I was enjoying a traditionally crafted, plain croissant (no jam or butter, shaken, not stirred) I realized for the 100th time that the croissant is perfect. It should never be cross-bred… but… if you happen to get a break this afternoon and want to meet up in line on Spring Street to sample the future of pastries I could be persuaded to pop down stairs….

Rack It Up

Meet Ali and Bri of Rack It Up! This is their new blog header illo and part of the branding I helped them with for their new online sale-alert based website that helps you create a virtual closet of everything you’ve got your eye on purchasing. Cool right?

If you become a member you can browse various sales and even add the Rack It Up button to your favorites bar to pull items from other sites to keep tabs on. Your virtual closet will keep tabs on these items and let you know when they become affordable. And extra fun – you can follow the closets of other members – like me! Social and thrifty, isn’t that wonderful?

So go join up so you can see all the things I ┬ácan’t afford so we can commiserate about how unfair life is at full price.

And congrats to Bri and Ali for unveiling their new site!

Dark & Stormy

It’s been a dark and stormy spring in New York… and seemingly everywhere else, seeing as every time I turn on the news there’s report of another record storm “capable of spawning tornadoes” as the describes them. I’m now terrified for my life, the safety rest of the country and for the farmers almanac predictions for my wedding (admittedly, not necessarily in that order)

But meteorological fears aside, can we take a moment on this busy Monday afternoon to think about a different kind of dark & stormy? The kind that comes in a highball glass or perhaps a copper mug?

I’m meditating on dark & stormys today because this week I am celebrating the arrival of my very own Society Social bar cart!

I’ve been pining away after one of these carts for the past two years and my dream is finally becoming a reality! I’ll instagram the crap out of it once it’s set up and fully stocked for dark & stormy making, don’t worry.

dance academy seniors 2013

Congratulations to the graduating senior dancers of the Dance Academy of Loudoun! I’m becoming something of a tradition around the DAL, as each year the moms ask me to paint the seniors as their farewell gift. Loved getting to sketch this group – they each had such a unique style.

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