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summer of superga

Things I love right now – voluminous hair in the form of extremely high buns, retro swimwear and supergas. I am hearby declaring this the summer of these three things. But mostly the summer of superga. Have you tried these shoes? They are blowing my mind. Wearing lace-up shoes is really increasing my walking speed/versatility. And luckily, the higher my bun, the less height I am forfeiting by not wearing heels. win-win!

it’s June!

Happy June! Time to dip your toes in the water and start enjoying summer!

graduation sketches

Two bright and cheerful sketches for the most stylish high school graduate ever!

I created these for a very important graduate (one of my two soon-to-be-sisters!) to decorate her dorm room at Sewanee next year. These are sketches of dresses she’s worn recently and looked stunning in. Did you have this kind of refined taste in maxi dresses at 18? I wish I had. She’s quite the sophisticate. And, I might add, she’s planning to spend the summer interning for a certain fashion illustrator in NYC… you can guess who I might be referring to!

Metropolitan Thread

Meet Kendal of Metropolitan Thread! Although, chances are good that you already know her. She’s a pretty big deal.

She was a dream client because all of her poses are so adorable and interesting. She’s always leaning on something or laughing naturally or kicking a heel up behind her cheerfully. I really do appreciate a fashion blogger who knows how to work the camera and her outfits by putting them in motion for my imagination and sketching hand to experiment with.

Diana Elizabeth

Meet Diana Elizabeth! Isn’t she perky? She is a west coast-based Photographer who commissioned me to capture her shooting with her farther’s vintage camera and with her beloved citrus tree grove that sits in her backyard. I loved the suggestion to incorporate these two quirky things into her sketch, she was definitely a fun one to work with.

I cracked up reading her blog post about her new illustration – apparently I captured her “good side” – I love this because I have a good side too. I’m that person in group pictures that always makes everyone move around so that the left side of my face is turned towards the camera. Being photographed on my bad side feels like wearing my shoes on the wrong feet, just completely uncomfortable!

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