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I am not a phone call person. I will go to great lengths to avoid using my phone for anything other than typed communication and come up with endless reasons why I should just wait and “call later” whenever I need to call someone.

So imagine my shock when I got an email from verizon reprimanding me for exceeding my allotted talk minutes for the cycle. Me? Use up my voice minutes? Impossible!  There must be some mistake!

And then I thought back about the calls to the wedding venue and the calls to the church and the calls to the photographer and the calls to seemingly everyone in my phone book to share our happy news and the long list of people I still needed to call to talk about flowers and dresses and bands oh my… and it started to make sense.

Wedding planning has turned me into a talker after all. Time to upgrade to unlimited minutes!

madame carven

No, I didn’t sketch that. Though how I wish I had! Isn’t she lovely? My fiancé... will I ever get tired of saying that?? just returned from Paris with a vintage book of Madame Carven’s 1950′s era illustrations of her couture gowns for me. Do I know how to pick em or what?

Neither of us knew anything about Carven, either as a brand or as a person. I’m guessing he grabbed it for me, blind, hoping I’d enjoy it. Turns out, I’m captivated by her story… a petite woman who was frustrated by the lack of clothing designed for women her size began making gowns in the 1940s and her line blossomed into a full range of sportswear and even stewardess uniforms in the 70s. And her sketches… well they’re so ladylike.

I began pouring through the book (the pictures that is, it’s all en français!) and realized that part of the feminine charm of her sketches came from the way women posed in her era. Which of course is a manifestation of how women viewed themselves and fit into social culture.

They weren’t exactly leaning in, they were more just leaning which ever way made their waists look the most delicate. And I don’t hate it. As much as I am a proud female entrepreneur who spent two-bottles-of-wine-worth of last night’s dinner conversation discussing women’s roles in the balanced work place, I do love a lilting pose with the hands floating inexplicably below the chin like little doves that happen to be attached to the wrist.

I think I’m going to take a page from madame carven’s book (literally) and bring some of this grace back into my figure poses.

BFF’s: Stuart Weitzman, Beyonce and me


I thought getting engaged was the best day of my life. But this might have just topped it. I am now officially connected to Beyonce by one degree of separation. Previously the connection was more like 6 million degrees. So this jump is pretty significant for me and Bey’s friendship. Hey girllll!!!!!!!

The Stuart Weitzman team commissioned me to create this illustration of their new designs. They eluded to the fact that they were for a celebrity collaboration but they didn’t tell me which celeb would be wearing them. Don’t worry, I forgive them. The surprise of finding this on WWD was WONDERFUL.

Here’s the official press release deets…

NEW YORK – Stuart Weitzman and Beyoncé’s creative team have designed the footwear for The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. This is a continuation of their collaboration following Weitzman’s creation of the shoes for Beyoncé’s last two tours, The Beyoncé Experience and I Am…Tour, as well as multiple special performances.

Beyoncé’s stylists, Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith, and fashion designer Tina Knowles collaborated with Weitzman to create footwear that will compliment the multiple costumes to be worn in The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. The shoe designs range from stiletto pumps, with Swarovski crystal details, to lace up, military-influenced boots, both short and thigh-high. Weitzman also created styles to be worn by her dancers and band members.

Do we think it’s too soon to ask Beyonce to sing at my wedding? Maybe I should just start by asking if Blue Ivy would be a flower girl…

New Spring Cards

Have you seen my new Spring 2013 Collection? These are just a few of them, be sure to browse my shop to see them all. I really took your comments into consideration when I created these. So I hope they’ll come in handy for your note writing needs. Thank you all for being such a fabulous, supportive community.

And exciting news! I just redesigned the packaging for my cards. I am obsessed with this electric lavender colored box with the gold foil imprinting. I hope you will be too!

April at Leontine

Happy April from Leontine Linens. This blog should be re-titled the “Leontine Linens Official Fan Page” as it seems like half my posts are about them.

As I mentioned in a previous post, when I first spoke to Jane Scott, the company’s founder, she offered to help me design monogrammed linens of my own and I forlornly told her I wasn’t ready yet for my “official” bedding.

I mean, whats the point of getting your maiden name monogrammed on your bed when you’ve spent the past five years doodling a certain someone’s last name with your own on scrap paper?

Well, that certain someone made all my dreams come true – both in the monogramming linens and true love departments – this past weekend by presenting me with a very important piece of jewelry!!!!

So look out, Jane Scott! It’s time to start monogramming!

And look out everyone else, it’s time to turn this blog into a wedding planning forum! Or… more likely… it’s time to try to remember to blog at all despite all the excitement.

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