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Hello. According to iPhone weather, there is a 50% chance that it will be snowing by the time I leave the studio this evening. And there is a 100% chance that I’ll be angry about it. I think it is safe to say that we’ve all had it with this winter.

Let’s just escape. Mentally. On the wings of this sketch. To a place where everyone wears cat eye sunglasses all the time. Where palm trees dot every street and every meal is eaten outdoors and accompanied by rosé.

Can you see it? The turquoise water glistening on the horizon past that line of chic black and white umbrellas outside that cafe? Meditate on the pastel, floral appliquéd sundresses and wicker purses… white linen blazers…and d’orsay strappy sandals. We should set this to sound of music favorite things tune.

If we believe it hard enough, maybe it will bring on the spring. Keep tuning out your canada goose jacket staring at you from the corner of your office and quietly chanting to yourself about scalloped shorts. Let’s turn this season around!

Happy Spring

First day of spring has arrived! Time to go buy flowers and Instagram them!

See ya later alligator

Rawrrr! Today I am excited to share something rather exotic with you. An eight foot long painting of an alligator that I created as a custom project for a client. Blair and her husband wanted a statement piece for their home in Louisiana, so this giant sumi ink and acrylic alligator was just the critter to fill their new space.

Inspired by the chunky and ferocious alligator tryptic of Yvonne Hanriout Giraud and Blair’s southern roots I set out to wrestle a piece of very curled up, very unwilling to un-curl-up paper that was taller than myself into submission on my garage floor and painted this…

All I can say is, I’m grateful that the last few days of 2013 weren’t snowy like the rest of the winter have been. I had a few “warm” hours to spread out and paint this giant gator in my garage in December in Virginia without freezing to death!

Wit Weddings

Meet Erica and Laura, the wedding planners and TWINS behind Wit Weddings, a new event planning firm in the Washington DC area. How fun is that – twin wedding planners… beautiful twin wedding planners!

Erica and Laura met with me over coffee and croissants at my favorite place in DC, the Patisserie Poupon to discuss the concept for the illustrations for their site. How could I say no to a commission that began over a croissant? They had me at hello.

We planned for a muted palate of sketches for their site design to illustrate the beauty of some of the iconic moments that brides and grooms treasure at their weddings. It was so much fun for me to sketch each scene and try to capture the magic of these moments as I look forward to planning them for my own wedding. Here they are! The first kiss….

The first dance…

the cake cutting…

The champagne toast (which will be extra exciting at my wedding – think champagne saber) ….

And of course, the getaway!

DC brides – I strongly recommend these twin wedding planner babes if you’re on the planner hunt this spring! Planners with this great of taste in illustration for sure have the talent to create an event you will love.

It’s March, time to head to the patisserie

Ok, I’ll admit it, I am biased. I think March is the best month. I was born in March. Girl Scout cookies come out in March. The depths of winter are behind us in March and all that is glorious and new is on the horizon… Other fun March facts that we should all look forward to celebrating:

March 11: My birth

March 15: day that Caesar was stabbed to death by Brutus.

March 17: annual my-mom-sends-me-green-hanky-pankys-from-Leppie-the-leprechaun day

March 30th: the monumental one year anniversary of the proposal which launched the shoe hunt

So, with all these wonderful dates of note in this glorious month, I set out to create a sketch that I would want climb right into and live in to honor the significance of these 31 spectacular days. What better spot than the Patisserie? Of course, this doesn’t really look like it, and that doesn’t really look like me, but the thought of sitting at my favorite spot in Georgetown, and ordering walnut chocolate chip cookies and perfect miniature croissants inspired this sketch.

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