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Mink + Chitchat

If you thought those ankles in my last post were exciting, then this bare legged girl is a total exhibitionist. At least she has her mink to keep her warm.

Speaking of, do you all get offended by fur? I love animals but I love being warm most of all. Mink is really, really warm. And practical question – is it still a conflict garment if the mink died a really long time ago? There are some amazing vintage fur shops around the East Village. I think an antique mink might be a good “grown up” purchase one of these days.

Moving on… it’s Friday, let’s play a game.

The Pursuit of Style posted this fun questionairre today and I got so excited I wanted to share it here too. Thank you to Lindsay for both having an amazing blog and for helping me procrastinate so creatively…

Talent I wish I had: The ability to enjoy seafood

Best Gift I Ever Received: In the 1st grade I had the market cornered on pretty ballet flats with bows on them from Jacadi and all I wanted was a pair of white cowboy boots from Kmart. My mother’s classic taste and good judgement told her she could never buy me these boots and live with herself. I begged for weeks, but she knew it would set a dangerous precedent, one that could ultimately lead to me having a lower back tattoo. Not wanting to completely crush my dreams, she did help me bake brownies and allow me to sell them at my dad’s office to earn the money for the boots myself. I learned years later that my dad bought all the brownies. So thank you to my parents for the gift of the entrepreneurial spirit. They taught me that this will allow you to make your own choices, carve your own path and have the freedom to make your own sartorial decisions with the financial independence to act on them. (are you hearing Destiny’s Child?)

most memorable stamp on your passport: Zermatt, Switzerland.

Something I am excited about: The arrival of my new bedding from Serena & Lily. And, just for the record, I am always, always excited about croissants

Favorite Restaurant: You really can’t play this game in NYC. It’s too overwhelming. So I’m going to a throw back, Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg, Virginia. My first favorite restaurant love.

Camo Pants: do or dont: Never in a million years

Now it’s your turn! Post here or visit Lindsay’s blog and play the game there. Why not?

Talent you wish you had:
Best gift you’ve ever received:
Most memorable stamp in your passport:
Something you’re excited about:

Favorite restaurant (share the city too so we can visit!):
Camo Pants: Do or Don’t?:


Spring is right around the corner… wait, let me slow down. I am really working on enjoying each day of my life and not living in the future. Literally, every morning I drink a glass of water and say to myself, I am going to fully enjoy this day.

You should try it. So zen.

But then I walk out the door and see a million different things and get inspired and start fastforwarding and before you know it, I’m planning out next October and a mental list of things I want to do to my future vacation home in Capri.

So, with that mentality, let’s just call it March already.

And, in my book, spring starts in March regardless of what solstice we are in or what the calendar or outdoor temperature is trying to tell us. Mainly because my birthday is in March and I use it as the official jumping-off point for building a spring wardrobe via birthday presents.

I also see March as the first month when it’s safe to start taking off a few layers. I always start with my feet. Sayonara boots. So long awkward socks under jeans leaving a mark on my calves. After a long cold winter of over the knee boots, stepping out in some cuffed skinny jeans and a pair of pumps baring just a few extra inches of skin feels pretty racy.

What’s the first sign that it’s spring for your wardrobe?

ps buy a print

Dream Dry

Introducing Dream Dry – the premier location for the ultimate blow out and the latest addition to the Rachel Zoe empire. This illustration is currently gracing their lovely new website landing page.

When the RZ team asked me to create this sketch I was so excited. I mean think about it. Here are three things I love – woman entrepreneurs (like Rachel), illustrating dramatically awesome hair, and supporting the act of paying money for fleeting beauty fixes (like having an expert blow air onto your head for $$$)

This project combines all three, they had me at hello.

Don’t you love her expression? The face of a woman who knows she has really great hair. We went through lots of drafts to capture this face. And trust me this face is neither “vixen” nor “hard fashion girl” nor “fresh faced” this is a carefully crafted confident and radiantly beautiful face with just the right shade of RZ-worthy deep red lip. I enjoyed seeing how each revision brought the “right” girl into focus. It spoke volumes for Rachel’s finely tuned eye for what looks just so.

Cheers to Dream Dry, go spend money on having momentarily beautiful hair, it’s Friday!


It’s Valentine’s Day. Let’s talk about boys!!! What is the perfect man? Is there a recipe for success? (Aside from being Thomas Crown?)

Mindy Kaling’s new book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” features a chapter on a Guide to Being a Datable  Guy. I haven’t bought or read this book yet, but a friend of mine did read it aloud to me over thai food and as far as blogging is concerned, that is solid and trustworthy fact gathering.

So. According to Mindy the key to success at being a man involves having a signature drink, owning two pairs of shoes and being the last person off the elevator. All good ideas, for sure, but this sparked a conversation about all the things we require a dateable man to be good at/possess.

SO. Keeping in mind that we love Mindy, her list is her perspective, it is a guide to being “datable” not “perfect” and that all of this goes out the window the minute you fall in love with someones quirks… we still enjoyed picking it apart.

For example, a signature drink. That seems a bit one-trick-pony, doesn’t it? And two pairs of shoes sounds very limiting, even for a man. And I think I’d definitely add knowing exactly where he wants to take you to dinner. Nothing worse than the “you choose” “no, you choose!” conversation.

What else… he should be quietly good at everything. When the unexpected happens he just handles it and acts like it was no big deal. So even if sailing/starting SOS fires/repairing broken door hinges/saving puppies lives aren’t things he has to do every day, he should know how to  do them with ease.

What do you think? What would you add? Off shore accounts and family crests? Hand holding? The good news is no one man will never live up to this list so it can’t hurt to go overboard.

kate spade fall 2013

Hello! Here are some of my sketches from last Friday’s kate spade fall 2013 presentation. It was such a fun way to start the weekend. The snow was just beginning to fall outside, and as I walked into the show space I felt like I was in a happy bubble of bright lights and music and color. I loved the big, bright bags, sparkly pointed pumps and big hair.

I sketched these when I got back to the studio after the event while watching the snow get thicker and thicker outside, but I wish I’d brought my sketch book to the show to capture them on site, I felt a little empty handed next to all the bloggers with their huge cameras!

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