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introducing the SS 2014 Inslee 85mm collection. sold exclusively NO. WHERE. I am at my wits end.

If you were to track my browser history over the last month it would be a constant shifting cycle between evening wear and pumps on shop bop, barneys, saks, neimans, bergdorfs and the occasional visit to seamless web so that i don’t expire while hunting for wedding shoes.

This is the hardest part of wedding planning yet! The shoes!!!!!! Oh the shoes. I have a very rigid set of requirements that most brides do not adhere to, so I recognized that I have made this a lot harder than it needs to be. Here are my requirements in no specific order:

1. must be 85mm or three inches exactly. any lower feels frumpy, any higher and I’ll be uncomfortable

2. must have toe cleavage and a pointed toe.

3. the sole must lie flat against the floor when standing. I hate it when the sole lifts up in the front slightly and doesn’t lie flush with the ground.

4. must not be slingback, sandals, strappy, have ties

5. could possibly be d’orsay

6. must not be covered in sparkles, glitter or snake skin

7. must not have red soles

8. must not be patent leather, suede or matte leather

9. could possibly have metallic patterning or embroidery or patterned silk

10. the stiletto must be thin and uniform in shape all the way down, and drop directly down from the farthest back most part of the heel, I can’t stand it when the heel bows in and under the heel or worse yet – the new trend bows backwards. shudder.

11. must basically be these shoes, without the red sole and with a pattern that i have come up with on them.

12. does not exist and cannot be made before May 17th. Ideally the pattern from my botanicals. I will not be satisfied until everything on earth is patterned in my botanicals… I want to genetically manufacture a dog that is patterned in botanicals

Sigh… friends what should I do? Shoe designers do not like making 3 inch heels. Why is that? Four inch heels are such a struggle. 2.5 inch heels are such a let down. Where are the 3 inch wedding heels in beautiful brushed silk? If someone finds a way to locate THE shoes or wants to fund my new shoe company please be in touch. I must arrive on March 12th at my dress fitting with THE shoes. The time is now, we must hunt!

family portrait for paperista

A sketch for my friend Antoinette, the lovely owner of fabulous Minneapolis based paper shop, Paperista. She was one of my first buyers at the National Stationery Show a few years back and I admire her taste so much. Over the last few years she shared with me that she and her husband hoped to have children so I was beyond excited for her when she told me this  fall she was finally expecting twin boys and that she was going to need an Inslee for the nursery!

Antoinette and I came up with this sketch featuring her family waiting for the babies to arrive. I loved the sweet pose she asked for and the subtle hint of louboutin red on her shoe.

Happy Galentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which means that – even better – it’s almost Gal-entine’s Day! Does anyone know what I’m talking about? You know… from Parks & Rec… Leslie Knope makes all her girlfriends celebrate on February 13th and calls it Gal-entine’s Day.

Anyway, I love the idea of Galentine’s. After all, who get’s excited about flowers and sweets and wearing pink? Girls. Who hates all that stuff? Boys.

So why are we wringing our hands trying to make the men in our lives celebrate a holiday that we’re pretty much better at celebrating on our own? Bring on the BFF love! Your BFF will totally appreciate the letterpressed $14 dollar valentine you send her. Your boyfriend would probably use it as a coaster.

You know what else your BFF would love? A custom sketch of the two of you like this one! I created this to help a bride ask her maid of honor to be a part of her wedding. How cute is that?!

I plan to celebrate Galentine’s all week and weekend with much emoticon use, red manicures and most importantly, brunch.

Lela Rose Fall 2014

Yesterday morning was the happiest of mornings. I woke up still reeling from a magical Saturday night with friends and family celebrating our engagement and somehow got my swollen feet back into my heels and headed up town for the Lela Rose fashion show. Nothing kicks the usually unavoidable Sunday fatigue like Lincoln Center during fashion week, waiting in the darkened salon in a sea of floating iPhone screens for the lights to suddenly burst to life with a surge of awesome music and beautiful fashion floating past.

I have come through an arc of feelings about fashion week – intimidation when I first moved to New York later gave way to indifference as it became a regular occurrence. And now finally with a few years of perspective under my belt, I can safely say I love it – whether I’m invited or not. It really is an inspiring aspect of life in New York.

Lela’s show was feminine and wearable and made me question every outfit I’ve already bought for my wedding. Congratulations to her and her team on a beautiful fall collection!

Sisterly Love

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought I’d share a loving little commission sketch. How sweet are these sisters? Painting children is simultaneously one of the hardest and one of the most fun kinds of commission for me. As you may have noticed – adding a little extra pudge to my figures isn’t my first instinct – so getting a perfectly plump baby cheek is a sweet challenge!

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