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Look everyone, I’m a sweet lemon! I am so honored to be the cover story of Sweet Lemon Magazine’s sixth issue. Be sure to visit their lovely site and read my story and the whole issue. It’s full of cute design ideas, fall fashion inspiration and thoughtful content. You just might realize you are a sweet lemon at heart too.

pumpkin spice flats

The crisp air in NYC this week is making me crave pumpkin spice. Not lattes. Those are terrible. I will never understand how people get excited about those. For me, pumpkin spice is a color, not a flavor. Wouldn’t a pair of burnt orange croc ballet flats be delicious crunching through leaves en route to get a normal latte? mmmm…

September at Layla Grayce

An illustration for the Layla Grayce Backroom Blog for September. Go check it out and read about my inspiration!

Lela Rose – The Final Look

Can I just start by saying, if you are in NYC right now why are you reading blogs? Close your computer and go outside and soak up the official most beautiful day in history.

If you are somewhere else, read on.

So, its NYFW again. Fall fashion week, such an inspiring time. This is my second year of living in the city during this annual September event, thus I am an expert. And my expert opinion is that this year is the year of the instagram.

Last fall I was still pecking away on my Blackberry and didn’t have access to picture sharing apps… and I am going to go out on a limb and say that I wasn’t the only one. But this year it seems like everyone on earth (or at least in NYC) has an iPhone permanently glued in their right hand, ready to capture pictures of their surroundings. And for people like me, who live vicariously through social media portals as a way to enjoy NYFW, the shows are so much more accessible this year thanks to instagram.

The above illustration is inspired by an instagram snapped by the Lela Rose team of the final look sent down the runway. Isn’t it pretty?

ps. buy a print!


Guess what tomorrow is… Fashion’s Night Out! And this year I’ll be back in my favorite old stomping grounds to celebrate. I will be at Urban Chic in Georgetown sketching shoppers, come see me!

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