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Ferocious February

We made it through January, it’s time to flip the page to a new month and slip into something a little racier, grab your pet jungle cat and head out to a three martini lunch. Why not? This is the wonderful world of illustration and anything is possible!

This sketch is an ode to the kind of woman who doesn’t return emails, who elopes or just adopts a british accent for the day. There’s something so feminine about being a little bit crazy and unpredictable – a little bit like a jungle cat. It is something I can’t claim to have any kind of mastery of as a type A, practical, obsessively organized person. But I do admire it in others while I am remembering to always switch out my Britta water filter every 90 days.

This sketch was born out of these three images, and of course my admiration for all things whimsical and powerfully feminine.


So. I don’t know about you, but personally, I don’t love all the bey-shaming that’s going on on Pinterest these days. At first I laughed when I saw that pin and thought nothing of it. But when my yoga teacher told us to meditate on it for a full 75 minute class, I realized I’d had enough.

“You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce” was probably meant to be inspiring. But, as someone who can’t manage to get through a single to-do list ever, much less run a music empire, that statement is kind of defeating.

I mean, so what. 24 hours. We all have this gift every day. But you know what I don’t have? Beyonce’s talent. Time and talent are two things that exist in totally separate universes.

So I say, let’s all take a moment to marvel at Beyonce, accept that none of us will ever achieve what she has and be happy that at least she exists to make our own average 24 hours that much more interesting.

That’s my public service announcement, self-help mantra for the day. Stop beating yourself up on pinterest. Beyonce and I love you just the way you are.

Ps. a watercolor print of Beyonce would add a certain je ne sais quoi to that gallery wall you’re working on

from the desk of Events by Reagan

Happy Friday! Here’s a fun recent commission for a friend of mine, Reagan of Events by Reagan. Reagan got her start as a wedding planner learning from the fabulous Kristin Newman and now is working for herself. You can find her through her beautiful new website, I highly recommend if you’re looking for a planner!


hello! today I’m honored to share with you some collaborative work that I am oh so proud of.

Fist, the botanical prints (which you can shop for here) and gorgeous calligraphy which came together to ask our wedding guests to please save the date, and second, the way this project later inspired my sofa design for Society Social’s #projectsofa

Confession: I had our wedding calligrapher picked out before I had been proposed to.

I discovered the talented Lynn Titchener a few years ago I knew someday, somehow I’d hire her to calligraph something. Most hopefully the paper for the wedding I had been meditating on since birth for quite some time now.

So as you can imagine, as soon as I was engaged, the first thing I did was begin furiously stalking Lynn with the upmost urgency about the immediate crisis of sending out our save-the-date. We only had 14 months, time was of the essence.

I now realize I was a little over-zealous. What can I say? I was possessed.

Lynn turned out to be a wonderfully calming influence on my hyper-bride energy and loved the idea of having me add some of my art to her calligraphy. We came up with the above design – drawing on her exquisite style of lettering and my watercolor interpretation of the colors and blooms of springtime in Washington DC.

I have been hoarding these botanical prints, wondering where I could frame and display them in my minuscule apartment for months. Stewing over the fact that there was no space left for the botanical gallery wall I had in mind. So, when Roxy of Society Social asked if I’d design an imaginary dream room using her sofa and pillow collection and any inspiration source of my choosing, of course my mind went straight to my botanical gallery wall!

I hope you’ll stop by Roxy’s newly redesigned site and look through her second annual #ProjectSofa look book where you can read all about my inspiration and the inspiration of the other talented ladies Roxy invited to participate in this fun design exercise.

thoughts on being cryptic

Social media. It generates so much stress. Eating food used to be so much simpler before the issue of photographing and sharing it came into play. Weddings once could be declared legal in the sight of God and men without a wedding hashtag to prove it happened. (I’ve heard this is true, but historians could be misinformed)… but now… now every waking moment is an opportunity (at least in my world) for sharing, judging, comparing, improving. We have entered an age of not only social sharing but of competitive sharing.

And in the midst of all this competition, I am afraid I’ve become a bit cryptic. So, lets A. assume you follow  my instagram account and B. dispel some of the confusion you may have about what I’ve been posting.

Starting with the above. Here is a sketch freely baring her breasts with the pride and confidence of a beast in the wild. “What is going on here?” you ask. “Where is the fashion?”…

Well, my friends, I am and always have been very into the human nude. As a art subject. Not as a sex addict. Just to be clear.

I love fashion illustration, but in order to make believable fashion figures, you need to know exactly where the belly button is beneath that statement belt. Or how the collarbone connects to the muscles of the neck.

Underneath your clothes there really is an endless story and it begins with how amazing the joints in your wrist are and how they create the most beautiful, bizarre line sloping and dipping and piquing just so from the tip of your pinky to the totally amazing and illogical shape of your elbow.

So, with all this in mind, I’ve started exploring painting nudes. And I want to sell them to you. But not until I’m ready. I’ve become something of an expert on selling my fashion illustrations. I’ve learned through years of trial and error, how to price this type of work, how to market it, how to present it, how to ship it to you… everything is running like a well oiled machine.

I’m still figuring out how to assemble the nude machine. (I could quit my day job and start naming alternative acoustic bands for a living, don’t you think? #NudeMachine) And until I have the nude machine up and running, the only place to drink in the majesty of my painted human form will be on instagram.

I do hope to have these available for sale in the coming weeks and am curious and eager to hear what you think. So stay tuned, and get ready to get naked in 2014.

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