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full bloom

New York is in full bloom right now!

I love the fact that I moved here in July after last years tree blossoming so I had no idea which trees would explode with color this spring. I was so surprised by all the trees I had not really even noticed before. They had just been waiting to come to life with beautiful blooms. Hows that for enjoying the little things, huh?

And it was even lovelier at night – kind of like how snow looks eerily beautiful after sunset. The white blossoms that are all around my neighborhood look enchanting against a midnight blue sky. I love this time of year!

Elaine + Dylan

Meet Elaine and Dylan. Aren’t they the cutest duo? Elaine blogs about her love of fashion and the funny adventures of raising Dylan and she asked me to capture these two facets of her life in an illustration.

Be sure to visit Elaine’s blog – I particularly love the Dylan related posts. He’s such a character.

Happy Weekend!

un-barefoot contessa

Well, since my monthly resolution post about making breakfast was such a hit, I decided to take the hint and give the people what they want…

more food related illustrations with the return of my “in the kitchen” girl.

This version of my high heel wearing gourmand was inspired by Eva Longoria‘s spread in People Magazine about celebrity chefs. Isn’t she adorable? I’ve never really bought into the whole celebrity chef thing (how does on-screen talent automatically translate to being an authority on cuisine?) but I will admit, there is something to be said for the magic of an image of a beautiful woman cooking.

I mean no disrespect, Ina Garten. You are still my idol!!!

But alas, Ina is the barefoot contessa and I tend to put shoes on all my girls so Eva served as perfect inspiration for this sketch!

Springtime Card Designs

two new cards arrived today just in time to step out for spring! this folded card is To Each Her Own


this flat card is Stems!

i was really going for a foot theme this spring apparently…

errand chic

hello! here’s an illustration i created for The Simply Luxurious Life

i thought she suited the day well. something about monday just says “put on your turquoise shoes and go stock up on vegetables” to me.

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