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so i’ve been dragging my feet about posting all week (all year). forgive my absence. i was thinking “the first post of 2012″ had to be something monumental. and nothing monumental has happened recently EXCEPT my new love affair…

with earmuffs. the furrier the better.

these fluffy little head bookends have changed my entire perspective on the outdoors. you may laugh but i mean it wholeheartedly. as someone who will not wear hats, i’ve spent 25 winters in stubborn frozen misery. but now all that has changed thanks to my new head gear.

see you out and about the city this weekend, wearing earmuffs of course!

Happy January

2012 is here! Time to crack open the calendar!

I wanted to start the new year with a toast to the designer that taught me so much about the magic of a New York fashion house. So the first illustration of the 2012 calendar is inspired by an early posting on OscarPRGirl‘s beautiful tumblr.

merry christmas

I hope its a weekend filled with love, peace, and merriment for everyone!

Here’s to one more week of a beautiful year!

headed home for the holidays

Wouldn’t this be a chic travel outfit to head home for the weekend?

I’m off to take a train home for Christmas and I’m a little perplexed about how you all do this whole commuting home for the holidays thing.

I’ve never had to travel at Christmas before and I have no idea how to do it. I’m going to be home for a whole week so I need to transport watercolor central along with me. My whole suitcase is full of presents, painting supplies and various apple products. Literally no room for clothes!

I will just have to wear them all. I need to find a way to wear both over the knee boots and hunter boots at the same time. Plus a puffy vest layered over a wool coat. And is it weird to wear a fur neck wrap with fur ear muffs cut from a different species? Probably. Definitely not going to look like little miss streamlined above. Oh well, the more the merrier, right?

Ok off to decide if I can wear skinny jeans under my jbrand love storys…

Safe travels to everyone!

shes making her list, checking it twice

This is an illustration I created for Kooba to help make their holiday landing page festive!

I wish I could be this perky and organized when I go holiday shopping. Doesn’t she make it look like a breeze?

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