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tiny dancer

I spent my days in school doodling my way through math classes, filling pages with these tiny sketches of ballerinas. At the end of class I’d give pages of ballerinas to my friends as locker art.

I’ve been at home visiting my family for the past few days and it reminded me of these miniature sketches. So I decided to see if I still was a ballerina doodle expert and draw these!

pleats please

I’m looking forward to wearing accordion pleats this spring. (ahhh I just had to read that sentence and laugh at myself a little bit. fashion blogging really is so ridiculous, isn’t it?)

Anyway, loving the tiny pleats and looking forward to¬† finding a floaty skirt like this one. And added bonus, these skirts are a built in weight management system. Because, even though they are made up of hundreds of tiny folds that are capable of spreading out into a larger skirt, there is nothing worse than accordion pleats that are well… accordion-ing. They must lie flat and neatly tucked for this look to work. Something to consider when the second tray of nachos comes out at the Super Bowl party this weekend.

I for one am boycotting the Super Bowl this year, not as a nacho avoidance tactic, but because instead I will be busily working away on behind the scenes odds and ends that keep Inslee By Design a functioning little business. You’d be surprised how much hard work that doesn’t involve a paint brush goes into running this operation!

Happy February

Time to change the calendar! This month’s illustration is inspired by a beautiful cashmere look by Michael Koors and of course by my love of artfully arranged bookshelves. Or, rather I should say, by my hatred of formula-induced bookshelves. You know, when you walk into someones home and the book shelves are scattered with African artifacts that bring out the browns in the carpet (even though they’ve never been to Africa) and entire volumes of books that you sense are there simply for color (not because the owner has read them). That is the worst. It takes years to create a real, living bookshelf filed with beloved artifacts – kind of like a good pinterest board. These sort of records of one’s life don’t happen over night.

Ok, Happy February!


This new card is available today! It is a flat correspondence card and is perfect (in my opinion) for Valentines Day.

Interesting Fact: I named it Valenciennes after a classical pattern of lace that originated in France around the time of Louix XIV. I love this word. It sounds like Valentine, but better. So lovely.

So thats the back story of the new card now…

Go buy it!

required reading

In a perfect world I’d find more time to read the news. Between the Portlandia skit “Did you read it?” and living with a boy who has somehow read every piece of literature pertaining to… everything… ever written, I am developing a bit of a complex about my reading habits and apparent lack of intellectual curiosity.

It’s a good day – amazing day – when I can read all my email. And by the time I finish doing that, the chances that I’m going to sit down and go in search of more reading material are very slim. Or, if I do, lets be honest. I’m going to read Game of Thrones.

But this is unacceptable! I am a business owner and an adult. I should at least be reading news that pertains to my profession. So, I think I’m going to make a resolution about resolutions – new ones for each month. This month (I cant believe its almost February) it will be my February resolution to start finding time each week to read the news.

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