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outerwear obsession

preparing for the great north winter has become a full time obsession for me (although perhaps unwarranted as it is sixty eight degrees today in new york city). but global warming aside, i am still going full speed ahead in search of exciting new ways to sport outerwear.

i spent the last week obsessing about vests. this week i have moved on to protective foot/leg gear.

i am in love with the tights + OTK socks + boots combo i saw Blair wearing on Atlantic Pacific. i must go find these socks asap. i’m thinking maybe urban outfitters carries ironically long socks, right?

On the street… Seventh Avenue, New York

A post in the style of the Sartorialist.

I saw this girl on 7th ave the other day and thought her outfit was intriguing.

The simple fact that she picked out and wore each of these things together and that she happened to walk past me and catch my eye is what makes the world go round for me. It’s what I love about illustrating street style. My sketch gets to capture an outfit that will never happen again quite the same way anywhere else in the world. Its a moment in time that I get to keep simply because I noticed it. A beautiful thing, isn’t it?

ps. sorry for leaving out her other leg, you’ll just have to imagine it

shift in perspective

Well, I simply didn’t see this coming.

A year ago I hated purses with top handles and shoes with any sort of tassel. I believe I actually did a blog post making fun of fur vests about a year ago too. And I would have sooner gone barefoot than wear mid calf boots with heels. (Unless I was in some sort of halloween costume)

Yet strangely enough, these are all trends I am suddenly a fan of this fall. I can’t explain my change of heart! I wouldn’t have believed you if you’d told me I’d like these things a year ago.

Could it be that New York has changed my perspective??

And don’t even get me started on bright green skinny jeans, I truly don’t know what has become of me. I really want some! I must have a fever!

Elizabeth Street

Hello, happy Friday!

Yesterday someone told me I sketch the way Bill Cunningham photographs. And I think it might be the best compliment in the world.

So I promptly went out into the streets to hunt for inspiration and found these two lingering on Elizabeth Street with their 1.5 pound dog and fabulous outerwear.

I hear the phrase “you can only get ___ in NYC” all the time in reference to certain foods, certain shopping etc. BUT what no one tells you is that you can only find dogs THIS small here. I swear, I’ve never seen such a high concentration of miniscule dogs before anywhere else in the world.

I think it must be a response to our tiny apartments. Once you realize you only need a 200 square foot living space, you realize one pound of dog is enough to warm your heart too.


Happy November! This illustration was inspired by a beautiful shot of Olivia Palermo. But then again, every picture of her is a beautiful one.

Sometimes its hard to look a year into the future when I’m illustrating the calendar, but I think this one worked out rather well. Everywhere I look, I see capes these days!

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