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Happy December! Can’t believe this is the last month of the 2011 Calendar, where has the time gone!?

I’m not kidding at 12:01 last night christmas songs burst into my head. I just LOVE this month!

ps. this is a good moment for a 2012 Calendar plug… its back in stock!

Washingtonian Gift Guide

Guess who’s in the Washingtonian Gift Guide this season? Me!

I’m in there with DVF, Tory Burch and Bobbi Brown to name a few. So I’m pretty excited to be in such stylish company! You can also see the gift guide online here.


The “inslee” shoe by Jacques Levine also made the guide! Washingtonian is just inslee-ing it up all over the place.

tis finally actually officially… THE SEASON

Thanksgiving is behind us, let the sparkle begin!

I’ve been seeing red and green decorations creeping up everywhere and hearing strains of “I’ll be home for Christmas” since Halloween. I’ve tried my best to pay them no attention. But now finally as the last scraps of leftovers vanish, it is official.

The season has begun. We can let loose all our holiday merriment. This is the most wonderful time of the year and I intend to celebrate every moment of it. December is just one big excuse to dress up – perhaps in a masquerade mask and glittering heels as pictured above…

I’m so excited to go back to NYC today and see it transformed into a holiday wonderland. Can you believe I’ve never seen “The Tree” in person?!

2nd Annual Black Friday Sale

Happy Black Friday! Enjoy 30% off all of my inventory by using the promo code SALE at checkout!

bride 2

Hello, so it is officially wedding week here! This is another recent bridal project and…

the lovely ladies who commissioned it! isn’t the frame beautiful?

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